August 14th, 2006



I want this!

Isn't it awesome and creepy?

Or maybe this one.

Of course this one would be even more fun, but if I had that kind of money I'd be doing other things with it than throwing it at a scammer. (Look at the feedback.) And speaking of scammers, what's up with this thing? If it's real, it's not legal to sell, but if it's not real, why are they claiming it is? Not to get more money, given that it's currently going for squat.

This skull on the other hand, is not going for squat. But it is made of pure awesome. And bronze, but also awesome.

(This is what happens when I get bored. I do seriously want a jackal skull though. I just don't quite want it $45 worth. $45 will buy me another PYO Windstone...)
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Collecting the fledgelings is the cheapest way to collect Windstones that I care to venture, as far as the ones painted by Windstone go. I don't like the hatchlings, or the young dragons much, and the male, lap dragon, and old warrior, (the other sculpts I like) are out of my price range, mostly.

Unfortunately there's proving to be one snag in my scheme to get a fledgeling in every color. They seem to have only made the white ones very, very briefly before retiring the white color.

So white fledgelings tend to sell for four or five times what they originally went for, at least.

This guy, for example, still has five days left, and is already creeping up towards the upper limits of my budget.

It almost tempts me to bid on of the complete white sets you sometimes see. (There's one up now.) Sets sell for less per dragon than individuals. I could then sell off the others for a profit.
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I took a quiz thing. This was not, however, the usual "what X are you" quiz put together by some J Random Netuser. This was the BBC Science and Nature Sex ID test and it had to do with things that have been scientifically studied and shown to be true about the differences between men and women.

I, of course, scored as mildly male. On a scale going from 100% female to zero, to 100% male, I'm at 25% on the male side.

Which I pretty much knew already. Not that this means I think I am, or should be, a guy. I'm quite happy to be female, really, and that's who and what I am. But I think like a guy. As this means I'm more able to be logical, and am very good at spatial stuff, I find that to be quite satisfactory.
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