August 15th, 2006



Windstone warning, skip this if you don't want to hear me obsessing. *grins*

I've been looking into the white fledgelings. I did a smidge of research, and found out that while the "family" line of dragons (mother, father, young, hatchling,) were released in the white color in 1994, the fledgeling wasn't produced in white until 1997. (As far as I can determine this was, in fact, the earliest the fledgeling was available in any color at all. 1997 is when it was officially released in white and emerald, with peacock added in 2001.) Anyhow, the entire white line, with a couple of exceptions (the rising spectral and old warrior dragons are currently available in limited production runs in white), was retired in 2004. Admittedly, that means that white fledgelings were sold for seven years. But the family line was available for a whole decade in white. And a lot of people collect the entire production line of sculptures in a single color. So if you got, say the mother and father in white, and want to complete the set, you can get the hatchling and young dragon pretty easily. They're not too common, but they're not all that rare. But the fledgeling is a bit less common, and as more and more end up in the hands of serious collectors they become harder and harder to find. Which is why, since I started paying attention, I've only seen four of them on e-bay, and only two available singly, the other two were part of sets.

I'm just glad I snapped up the brown hatchling while I could. It won't be long before they stop making those entirely, and they started only this year, and NEVER sold them direct to stores, only through ebay.

It's a shame they're not doing much with test colors on fledgelings, but all of the color tests seem to have been done on old warriors or on the male and female dragons. A test color old warrior goes for $600+ I just don't have that kind of money, but I love a lot of the test colors. Ah well...
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I just heard, from Melody herself, that Windstone is going to be putting up some ebay auctions for fledgelings in a new color! Yay! Must be sure I have enough to buy one. *jumps for joy* I don't know /what/ new color, but the new color possabilities include happy things like violet flame, silver, gold, autum leaf, flame... so many good possabilities. Or maybe it's something completely new. Heeeee! I can't wait!
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