August 18th, 2006



Fate being as it is, I'm sure this is a false hope... but a prototype warrior HAS actually sold for under $200. Just once. Just the once...

It's so unlikely. All it takes is one other bidder who wants it more than I, and so very many collectors have so much more money than I do! But I can't help hoping anyhow, you know?
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Right. I'm off to Boardiecon. It OUGHT to be fun. Maybe it will be fun when I get there. Right now, it is not fun at all.

The @#$%@#$@ project is so much junk at this point.

Mrf. Okay, it's not totally useless, but I'm going to have to spend HOURS repairing it.

But anyhow, I'm gone. I'll return on Tuesday. Bye.
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