August 22nd, 2006


I return!

Well, seems that my little wardrobe malfunction was more readily fixed than I'd feared. Huzzah! So that went well. (Photos will be posted as soon as I can snag some from other con-goers.) The whole weekend went well, really. It was marvellously fun! And though in some ways it would have been nicer had it been a big con, the small number of people meant I actually got to know more folks. Pseudowolf, for example, is way more fun in person than I thought he'd be, while Mahmoth is rather more quiet. And Kum-el is more hardcore than you! (And can sing very well, interestingly enough.)

Anyhow, lots of fun was had by all, and we seemed to completely avoid boardiedrama, whee! Sartan said that he'd noticed every boardiecon has one irking disaster in it. Some years it's been drama, some years it's been other things, but this year it was the people who bailed out early, and thus the convention itself went off with hardly a hitch.

Such fun!

I've managed to catch up on e-mails and things, and shall be putting nose to the grindstone on sewing this coming week.

On the Windstone front (yay, obsession!) I've finally won a white fledgeling! So it will now be a very simple matter of wandering down to the mall to pick up ruby, rainbow, and black gold fledgelings, and I will then have them in every color EVER made. Well, except for the new limited production gold ones! They're being painted right now, according to Melody, and should be for sale in a matter of days. I shall, of course, buy one. I have to!

I also got the emerald prototype old warrior! So stoked about that. There were only 400 prototype old warriors ever made, and only fifty of them have been, or every will be, done in emerald.

The emerald old warrior was the first Windstone I ever saw, so I figured that it was a fitting purchase for my one Great Big Limited Edition piece.

And, in related news, I'm trying to get back a bit of what I just spent by auctioning off the lava gryphon. Feel free to link people to it if you know anybody who might like such a thing. I'll admit I went a little nuts on the listing, as I was hoping to appeal to a broader crowd than just Windstone collectors, so I put in a few bits about the avatar of flame thing. (That's my mental name for this guy, melodramatic as it is.) I feel weird about it, as my spirituality doesn't run that way. But I do know people who have Windstones on their altars, so I'm hoping it won't be seen as blasphemous or anything. Though given the rest of what's lurking on e-bay under the "mysticism" category, er... probably not.

Anyhow, here's hoping a get a good few bucks out of this thing. Thus far the two PYOs I've sold have both been around $100, but this guy is obviously higher quality, so... *crosses fingers.* If I'm lucky he'll pay for the Old Warrior completely. But only if I'm very, very lucky.
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