August 24th, 2006


Mutter, mutter...

I've just been told, though not in so many words, that because some spiritualities are invalid, ALL spiritualities are invalid. By a guy who swears by "sciency methods." Obviously he doesn't swear by the actual scientific method, or he'd realize that he's violating it, along with the basic tenets of logic.

(This being the same guy that once told me he believed he was still correct about his personal theories on BDSM, even though he freely admitted that not only did he have NO personal experience with it at all, but that he also didn't even KNOW anybody who had, nor had he spoken with anybody who had before he spoke with me. And yet I was wrong and he was right.)


Doran - I probably won't be on draconic again for a very long time. I really can't stand this guy, and he is always there.
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I live!

Sorta. Still sick. But a little bit better. I think I'll try and fur a head today. We'll see.

Also, unrelatedly, why won't the price of silver drop? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? I want to start investing again, but with it bouncing around between elleven and thirteen an ounce, and refusing to go down or up significantly, I just don't feel I can get into it.

And, even more unrelatedly, why is half of #freespace gone? (Sheesh, I'm out of town, at a boardiecon, no less, for a mere five days, and my channel starts dying!)
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Meme of insanity. Pass it on.

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If you wish to pass this meme along, you must draw your own version of it and post that, along with the poem, to your lj. Copying my drawing is unacceptable! Photoshopping is allowed, as well as Paint, and anything else you'd care to use. Quality is not required.

Pass the arse along!

(Credit goes to sulcharae and moltare for beginning this meme.)
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I'm going to list the Windstones I really want to own. I think getting a difinitive list would be useful.

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There are a lot of things not on that list that I would like to own, and might even trade for, but I'd never actually shell out money for them. At least not until I have everything that is on the list. And there are even a few, though a very few, Windstone items that I would turn down, or perhaps just resell on ebay or swap on the forums, if they were given me.
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