August 26th, 2006



So I've been introduced to this new thing. It's called ACEO, and it stands for Art Cards, Editions and Originals.

Basically it's a way for artists to do art trades without it being a huge hassle, and to collect eachother's work, and have huge collections of other artists, without it costing scads. Artists will draw a tiny little image, on a standard trading/playing card sized bit of cardstock, paper, etc. Because it's so little, it takes almost no time to do, and yet there it is, an original work of art! Some people do them digitally, and/or make limited edition print runs of them, hence the "Editions" in there, but most ACEO cards are one of a kind original pieces.

Artist trading cards! Collect, swap, whatever. They're apparently quite popular in certain art circles, and I rather like the idea, as an ACEO card is something I actually have the attention span to finish!

So today I polished off my first.

Spiffy, isn't it? The Windston forums are having a kind of unofficial contest with these things, so I may be sending this in. (I think the gal who's running the contest just wants an excuse to own some more cards, but I don't mind! The prize is a shiny Windstone!)

I'll probably be doing a few more of these. They're rather fun, and quite easy. Though part of me goes "aieeeeeeeeeee!" at having to work so small. I've become accustomed to working much larger than that.
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My white fledgeling just came! So cute! (He's not actually perfect mint, but there's just one paint flake on his crest, and given that he's white, and the plaster underneath is white, well...) Now I have four fledgelings, soon to be six, and eventually I'll have eight and that's all the fledgelings ever made by Windstone.


Now I just wan't wait for the gold fledgeling and emerald old warrior to arrive!
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I am bleeding like a bleeding thing, and Aidan is making snide comments about gender changes.

And I still have the flu, or cold, or whatever this is. Bleah
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I was doing so well... got the pattern all made for Ren's head, cut fur, did some sewing, and I thought I might actually get the head done today, but no. *curls up* Not doing so hot just now. It really sucks to have the flu during your period, let me tell you.
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