August 27th, 2006



The problem with having enough money to pay the rent and then a bit, is that the "bit" gets spent. I really should save it. I should! But the problem is... you can probably guess what the problem is.

Windstone appreciate.

Buying a Windstone feels like an investment! There's not a single one in the collection I couldn't sell and at least get back what I paid, and already a couple may well fetch more than I paid for them. Five years down the line some of them may have doubled.

That's an investment! And yet... it's an investment in a really weird, specific, and peculiar market which may someday vanish. Then again... people will always love kitch. If the economy is bad enough that people stop buying pretty kitch, it's probably to the point where if I'd invested in stocks I'd have poured it down the drain anyhow.

My current problem is that after already buying two MASSIVE pieces this week, I just stumbled on a site that has reired pieces for sale at original list prices, as though they don't even know they're retired! How they can not, as some of them retired a full two years ago, I'm not sure. But they're there! Listed! You can click on "buy this now" and it doesn't give you a "sorry out of stock" error!

Oriental jade dragon... *drool...*

And if I needed the money, I could sell him...

Thougn really it's probably too good to be true.
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