September 7th, 2006



Well, I might as well post a bit of what I've been working on today. (This week is such a wash for real work, I should have this suit DONE by now, and it's still barely halfway. Ah well.)

Sadly I no longer have the "stands" I used to use for pictures. They were actually the base of my dad's scafolding, and he didn't want me to take it when I moved, for some strange reason... I need to make some sort of head stand at some point.

Still want my kitty! Still haven't got my fur, obviously it'll come tomorrow.
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Yargh and glee

The landlords are still being butts about the cat. They seem to have no provision at all for somebody having one cat die, or otherwise be lost, and getting a second one. I was told that this situation was "not normal" and that they had no paperwork for it, and would have to type something up. Which would take them until tomorrow, of course. (Because, you see, we'd be planning on having Rosie, JJ's cat, over here, and then decided to get a new cat isntead.)

How hard is it to type up, "no longer has X cat, now getting Y cat?" I mean sheesh!

In good news though, I was contacted by the Windstone folks about being a dealer, and it looks like we're go! Now I just have to try and get a second table at FC, and attempt to get one for AC as well. Whee...
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Highly illogical.

This week feels like it's been one big long disaster. Not getting a cat, having to jump through ridiculous hoops for the cat, messing up lunch yesterday (it was a true cullinary catastrophe,) not getting half of what I wanted to do sewn.


And the stupid thing is that all of those were tiny, minor things, I have no real reason to be down at all. Overall things have been just fine this week. I got a ruby old warrior dragon, I made it home from Utah with no incidents, I've finished a head and some paws and several sets of ears and tails, and finally got a workable pants pattern. (Heck, I invented one myself, as I couldn't find one that suited me! That should count for something.) But it still feels like the week has thus far been a total wash.

Maybe tomorrow, when I (hopefully!) have a cat, things will be better.

If I don't have a cat tomorrow, I'm going to have to murder somebody. Preferrably messily.
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