September 9th, 2006


New gryphon paint

I finished a gryphon today. It was a commission piece, which you can tell by the fact that it's brown, as brown is a color I never would have picked on my own. Not that I don't like how it came out, because I do. There's a lot of subtle shading and little gold highlights that don't turn up at all in these photos, I need to take better, but ah well.

The first one is true to the actual colors of the thing.

Now I need to get sewing, so I can finish Ren's suit. I'm a touch behind, but given the distractions of this week, that's hardly surprising, and next week won't be much better. Happily I don't have much in the way of hard deadlines, so I won't be in any huge trouble, but still, I hate to have to tell people their suits will be later than planned.
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Notes to self:

Self, you are NOT allowed to buy any more fur unless you really need it for a specific commission who has already paid you. No, not even if it's really neat fur for really cheap. Where are you going to keep it? The living room cannot become a permanent home to fur, and your room is already bursting at the seams with fur.

You are also no longer to look for Windstones on ebay, except for skimming for a broken oriental dragon cheap. You have too many already, and must save your spare money for the release of the PYO kirin and dragons.

You hear me self? *pokes*

(I do still have a goodly ammount of savings left, but I am really needing to, you know, SAVE it.)
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I cannot name this cat. I have wracked my normally creative brain for two days, and I have zilch. I hit on a singe, solitary name that I could at least live with... and JJ doesn' t like it!

I give up. Maybe I should just call her "kitty." She answers to it.
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The Black Mother.

Keith is a genius! The cat shall hereafter be called "Kali" which we shall mis-pronounce slightly to sound like "Calico," and people will think it's all cute and adorable.

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