September 11th, 2006


Lest we forget...

It's funny, how meanings change. And kind of sad, sometimes. Four years ago, "September 11th" meant tributes and memories and mourning all over again the people who died. Thinking of the heros. Recalling the firefighters and the people on flight 93.

But four more years of the NSA and Homeland Security and the war and President Bush and buzzwords and red shirt waving have changed it, and it's unfortunate that now my very first thought on hearing "September 11th" is of such things, and my first response is "oh please quit waving the tradgedy in our faces as though it will justify anything."

The web page I made the the towers fell is still there, though, and I went back and read it today. It's a little sappy, I'll admit. But it's hard to write about things like that, about death and sacrifice and heroism and America without getting sappy. And it reminded me that I can still be proud to be American. Sometimes of late I've been ashamed of it. Americans have done so many wrongheaded things that it's hard to recall there's still something good about this country. That the whole "Land of the free, home of the brave" thing still means something. It's a lot like my being Christian sometimes. It makes me cringe whenever I hear about some religious nutjob doing something horrible and bigoted, because I know that it's just one more stain on what should be a pure and good thing, and in many people's minds Christianity is now synonymous with a certain species of rabid small-mindedness.

But on a day like today it's possible to remember that some of us aren't like that. And that some Americans still stand for what this country should stand for. And that however cynical I may be sometimes about human nature, that human nature is such that hundreds of people ran towards the towers, in hopes they could help or save somebody.

They're the ones who stand as examples of what being American, or Christian, or just plain human ought to be.

So whenever the jingoistic flag waving starts, and people try and use those events of five years ago as some kind of excuse, let's try and remeber what really happened. Because what happened wasn't that a war started, or that the small-minded were vindicated in their hatred of the non-American. What really happened is that human beings, like you and I, died because of the hatred of other humans, showing us what can come of the worst of humanity. And that some of them died as real heros, showing what can come of the very best.

Never forget them.


Well, it's a good thing I have very few hard deadlines coming up.

I'm really sorry Ren, but it looks like I won't be doing a thing on your suit today. The bodysuit is ready to sew together, but I have to take care of this fur business first.

You see, I was expecting 20 rolls of 15 yards each. What I got was 15 rolls of 20 yards each. I can't contact people and say "Er... pay up, there's an extra five yards." Even if it were fair to folks to do this, there are more than 15 people who have ordered! So instead I get to go through and cut five yards off of each and every roll. Given that they're currently taking up my entire living room, I'm honestly not quite sure how to go about this. JJ is happily willing to assist, or it would be impossible. But as it is, I'm get the feeling we're both going to be worn out from lifting around the things at the end of the day.

And once they're cut I have to box them up proplerly for shipping, and figure out a way to weigh them. I have a postal scale, but it's only rated to 30 lbs, and I think they weigh more than that. Though not by much. Fur is light but very bulky.

So today is going to be mad busy. Whee.

And once this is done I get to start the whole process over with the grey fur! Huzzah.
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More whee.

Well, turns out the rolls weigh 24 pounds, give or take a smidge. This is good. I shall be weighing them on the scale, now that I know they won't break it, for accuracy.

I'm a touch over halfway done with the cutting and reboxing process. And boy howdly, it's a REALLY good thing they're so light! Each roll is in a box that measures 20" X 20" X 64" This is rather large. I must get this box down from the stack of fur, open it, take out the roll, roll it out, measure off three yards, roll it out some more, (not enough floor space to roll out all five at once,) measure off two yards, cut off the five yard legnth, fold that up carefully and stuff it into the smaller boxes going internationally, roll the rest of the roll back into the box, duct tape the box thoroughly so it won't come open, move it to the stack in the dining room, and go get the next box down. During all this I must constantly move the cat to prevent her from being crushed by boxes, run over by rolls, or folded up in the international packages. When the international boxes are full, I tape them up and add them to the stack in my bedroom. Fur! Everywhere!

Seven down, six more to go, and four of eight international are boxed up. Whee!
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Well crap.

Crapitty crap crap! I am so incredibly screwed.

UPS wants to charge me $100+ to ship the full rolls. USPS won't take them, they're too big. Fedex is estimating me $90-ish, and DHL says that they're too big and I should contact customer service?

I don't know what to do here... I may have to resort to cutting up the entire 300 yards into smaller bits and shipping them that way. I'm totally stumped.
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