September 14th, 2006



Going off to mail this stuff out. I will be so glad when it's gone, but I don't get to destress completely until it arrives safely where it's going.

The whole thing has me really twitchy. I don't like to have surprises sprung on me, and when I then have to pass the bad news onto others it's much worse. I actually swore this morning. Definitely stressed, but shortly the worst will be over. Yay.
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More gryphony goodness

Finished up a commission piece today. I'm honestly getting sick of gryphons. Not that I wouldn't be pleased to get a few more commissions for 'em, but I REALLY want the kirins and dragons now.

Anyhow, this is an osprey/snow leopard. Done in slightly darker and less ostentatiously metallic shades than the last snow leopard I did.

I need a better lighting setup! And a tripod! Ah well...
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    Billy Joel - And So It Goes