September 17th, 2006



The Powers That Be apparently approve of my listening to Black Hole Sun over and over, because after having it on for quite some time, and getting a bit bored with it, I opened up one of my random playlists, with 100+ songs on it, set it to shuffle, hit play... and got Black Hole Sun again!
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    Sound Garden - Black Hole Sun

Updated collection

Well, given various circumstances, I need to halt my Windstone collecting for a bit. I'll be getting the new PYOs as they come out, of course, and should I find a cheap oriental dragon, I'll get that, but I have most of what I want that's not huge and/or really rare, plus I'm out of cabinet space and running low on funds.

But here's the current Windstone collection: (augh, blurry! Ah well, too lazy to take new.)

And this old gal doesn't fit in the cabinet anymore, so she's actually on the sewing table now. I'm trying to sell/trade her for something else, but of course all the serious collectors either don't like green, or have everything in green already.