September 20th, 2006



New tail! It is very shiny. I think one of my best so far! Though it was a HUGE pain to do the tailtip. I just couldn't think of any easy way to put on the larger fluff there, and ended up doing it by sewing it on from the outside. Inside is better, but... eh, too hard to explain why. I just couldn't do it that way, that's all.

Anyhow, it's shiny! (And yes, that's gold tinsel threads in the yellow bit.)

I love oriental dragons, they're so neat!
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Can I express to you all my utter loathing for Deviantart? I've hated their layout, their unnecessary crap that slows loading times to a crawl, the way they are infested with drama and lame, but now I've found all-new depths of dislike.

You see, I was tempted. Ursula Vernon had put up a new picture, and it was "mature" content, so I couldn't see it without registering. (It involved tampons and pirates. You should check out her lj and go look at it, it's hilarious..) Of couse /after/ I registered, she posted it somewhere else, so I might as well not bothered... But I did. Oh, how I wish I hadn't! You see, my email account called the email verification from Deiviantart spam, and stuffed it into my junk box, so I didn't verify my email. Today I went to view a normal, non-adult image on Deviant art, one that prior to this occasion I would have been able to view... and I get a "please verify your email" message instead! So I figure out what had happened, fished the message out of the spambox, followed the instructions, got a "welcome to Deviantart" page, thought all was well. Went back to click on the link to the image I wanted to see.... "Please verify your email." Ooooooookay. Odd, but whatever. Maybe something went wrong. Did the verification again, got the welcome message. Tried to just click on the "browse" link straight from the welcome page. "Please verify your email." Uh... right. Tried to copy and paste the link to what I want to see. "Please verify your email." Tried to go straight to, and click on "browse" there. "Please verify your email."

So now I can't see anything on Deviantart at all!

Isn't that lovely?
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