September 22nd, 2006



Two incidents:

1. A girl on a livejournal community devoted to ranting about sucky customers posts a post about how she can't stand hispanic men, because one particular customer of hers is really a tard towards her. She gets jumped all over for the racism. (And rather justifiably so. The community is not "hispanics suck" it's "customers suck," and she really should have just left it in her own lj.) In the comments, however, she reveals that she herself is hispanic. And that this makes it all okay. Response to this is somewhat divided.

2. In a furry chat a while ago a long-time visitor who is, himslef, a furry, starts ranting to me about how all furries are criminals, furries are horrible, and he's never met a furry he liked, we're all just scum. I tell him that as far as I know I haven't committed any major crimes, he insists that I'm a scuzbag because I'm furry and all furries are ick. I leave the room, because I'm just not in the mood. But now I wish I'd asked him what that meant about himself and his own self image.

These two incidents have me thinking. Is it possible to be bigoted against one's own race? And I think the answer to this is yes.

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