September 24th, 2006



More red oriental dragon bits. The paws are done! They're huge on me, and I'm actually considering stuffing the fingers with foam, as they'll be too wide even for the customer, given that the design is a wide design, more like real animal paws and less like hands.

Still not perfect (augh, so can see flaws,) but they're still pretty spiffy. And they elbows are sparkly!
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Last night I was sick. I am not sure where to pin the blame, because I'm at least mostly better this morning, which suggests that it was something I ate yesterday. But I didn't eat much yesterday, and honestly... ice cream and frozen microwave lasagna are not items that normally carry germs. I mean... they're frozen! And somehow I doubt that my bowl of cereal was the culprit either, especially as I didn't get sick until around 1 am, which is a long time after breakfast, even when breakfast is around noon.

Just now I think my stomach is lying in wait. If I eat anything, it's going to be unhappy, but it's currently empty, and not complaining. I missed church though, because this morning I was still too crappy-feeling to crawl out of bed.

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I have a fever. Apparently this is not just my stomach deciding it didn't approve of yesterday's lasagna.

Isn't that lovely? Twice in the course of a month, and both times stomach problems with fever.

I wasn't sick this much when I was working at Treehouse, with little sniffling, germ-carrying sprogs every day!

I wasn't sick this much when I worked nights, went to school days, and got my sleep three and four hours at a time, and had no immune system because of it!

This had better be a fluke and not a pattern!
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