September 30th, 2006


Today's headline: Livejournal sells out, 10 million users rise up in protest.

Livejournal asks us if we would like them to sell out, the general response is negative, and some lj users call for those who think this is a bad idea to speak up, in hopes of getting a significant fraction of lj's total memebership to respond.

If you think deliberately seeking out corporations to "sponsor" features and communities, and posting ads on those features and communities for those sponsors, ads which even those who have paid accounts would not be able to avoid seeing while in those areas, isn't something you approve of, you may just want to go and say so.

Honestly! WTF? LJ needs more "features" that desperately? It's already the most successful blogging tool out there. Somebody's just trying to cash in on that now, is my thought here. I swear, if LJ turns into some kind of MySpace clone, I'm jumping ship to somewhere else! If I (or a good friend of mine, *waves to TW*) have paid money for my account, I shouldn't have to also view ads! Ads support free stuff, and are the price you pay for not paying money. Ads should not be inflicted on those who are already supporting the system through other means! Eesh. If LJ is going to have "features" that require one to view ads, paid account or not, I don't care how much they say we won't be forced to use them, the mere thought of such a setup is annoying in the extreme!

And going out and looking for corporate content? Ew! Corporations can make ljs and communities already, why should they then get special ones just for them, plastered with ads that other users cannot avoid? Heck, I have a corporate lj friended, I don't mind that, but I do NOT want to see the kind of annoying spam that's all over half the websites I visit, and constantly attacking my forum, and enternally in my inbox, start turning up on my livejournal! I'd have to make it friends only again, just to avoid spam comments, and for all I know LJ will come out with some "feature" that gives corprate ljs the priviledge of commenting anyhow.

*deep breath* Okay, it's probably not going to ever get that bad, but this is the second step in a direction I don't like. (The "plus" accounts with extra ads in being the first.) And as this guy points out, will the TOS change for corporate sponsors? What about censorship? It's not a very big step from encouraging official communities to banning unnofficial ones, after all...
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