October 1st, 2006



So - I'm contemplating Christmas gifts, and a couple of people on my list might like a Windstone. I can't afford to get anybody the big ones, but the PYOs are reasonably priced. However, given that I am crazy, my tastes may not run normally. So I thought I'd ask for some opinions and thoughts.

Given the choice between gryphon, dragon and kirin, which would you folks chose, and most importantly, why? Knowing the why shall enable me to try and figure out who might like which of these.

Please pretty-pretty please comment! Please! The more input I get, the better decision I'll be able to make.
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ZOMG! holidays

Also, lest everyone think that I am fond of the practice of putting up Christmas stuff and getting mad about the Holiday Season before Halloween has even arrived, I shall note that it is only the fact that this year I must paint/sew/otherwise create all my gifts that is causing me to plan this far ahead. I simply do not have the budget to buy everyone the wonderful presents they deserve, and so most of my friends will be getting things like tails, or pillows, or painted thingies. $30 worth of PYO Windstone is probalby as extravagant as I'm getting anybody.