October 5th, 2006



Let me tell you... if any of you ever think about painting statuary or minis, you MUST get Golden flow improver or liquid medium. Holy crap! I have never been able to do antiquing, washes, inks, etc. like this! Wow. It is totally shocking how much difference it makes to be able to thin down the pigment without having it get watery.

When I post pictures of this PYO kirin, I hope they do it justice. It's not the least bit finished yet, and already it is very impressive!

And when I get out the new gel medium and the interference paints... Heeeeeeeeee!
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Hunting rare and elusive prey

So today I'm sitting here doing more assembly-line fox tails, because I'm sick of dragon paws (sorry Doran! Though the hands are done, I just need to get around to taking pictures...) and because the coyote head has glue drying and can't be touched, the oriental dragon is waiting on a delivery of bits, the grey wolf waiting on measurements, and everything else is so far down the line I don't want to start, because too many in progress projects lying around gets too cluttered, and it's bad enough already.

Anyhow... (that was rambling, wasn't it?) to get back to my point, I'm sitting here sewing up identical fox tails, and thinking that any idiot could do this, and that if I get much more busy I'm going to start having troubles finding the time to do the tedious stuff like that, and rather wishing I still had my sister around to stuff the tails and put the tops on, and these thoughts led me to decide it's time to start hunting for an apprentice.

I don't need one yet. I won't really need one for some time, but having one would be nice, and I certainly have at least one small project an apprentice could do every week. The point where I'll need actual employees is still years away, but an apprentice is something else. An apprentice doesn't need to be paid by the hour, though I certinaly would pay one, just by the project rather than by the hour. An apprentice would be working for the experience as much as for the pay, really. And it's not like I'd need somebody who has any costuming skills. They'd just have to be able to learn very basic sewing, that's all.

So I've started looking. Since I'm going to need somebody local, I don't expect to find anybody right away. But I figure it can't hurt to start keeping my eye peeled. And you never know... it's entirely possible that there's a Eugene furry who's just dying to learn how to make fursuits and is responsible enough to be trusted with projects.

Wish me luck.
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