October 14th, 2006


Unexpectedly Biblical

I walked into town again today. This time, however, I wised up and caught the bus back, so it was just a two point something mile walk in. My knee twinged a little bit, but I'm not incapacitated like I was last time!

While I was down there, I recalled that today being Saturday, the Saturday Market ought to be going on, so I wandered a few blocks further, and found that this was indeed the case. I had an enchilada there for lunch (was yummy!) and then want over to the farmer's marker area and browsed. I got some actual honeycomb, and some concord grapes, and a bunch of figs.

They were all sooooooo very good. Honeycomb is weird stuff to eat, but very fun. It's a little like chewing gum, or something. You chew on the wax until you suck out all the honey. Concord grapes always weird me out, the skin is tough, and comes off the grape when you bite it, and then the grape is surprisingly coherent, it wants to stay together. And they're very tart, though they look like they ought to be really sweet. Figs, on the other hand, are really sweet, and are almost always kind mushy, they're so incredibly fragile that even fresh and handeled gently, they go all smooshy. That's why you never see them in stores, really.

Anyhow, I now have matte medium, and can make up semi-gloss by mixing that with the gloss I already had, so I'm in business to finish up the rest of my paint projects. Which, I think, I shall do some work on today. Along with framing up and perhaps starting the jawset for a wolf head. But for now I shall vegitate a bit and let my legs recover.
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