October 17th, 2006



The first batch of PYO dragons went up today, and I got one!

Half of them sold within about ten minutes of the auction appearing... I'm betting the rest will be gone within the hour.

Happily there shall be more batches later, but I definnitely needed a blue-eyed one, so I'm very happy to have gotten this guy.

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So a few weeks back I ordered a new scripture set from the Church's distribution center. There's nowhere local to me that carries the full LDS set, and it's easier than trying to drive down to Portland for them. (And my old set is marked to death, and starting to fall apart, really. I've had it since I was 14.)

Anyhow, I decided this time to get the separate Bible and triple combination. (If you don't know, that's the Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenenats, and Pearl of Great Price, the uniquely Mormon scriptures we use in addition to the Bible.) I'd previously had the quad combination with the Bible included, but that thing is FAT and HEAVY, so this time I went with the separate volumes.

Yesterday I got a package, sent by USPS priority post, and lo! It was my triple combination. With no Bible. I figured somebody screwed up my order, and kinda shrugged. I can get a King James version locally, though it wouldn't have the indexes, and wouldn't match, but I wasn't too fussed about it, just kinda amused.

Today I also got a package, sent by FedEx, which, when opened, proved to contain the missing Bible.

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I got a payment today.

It came through paypal, so I do have the email of the fellow it's from, so I'm mailing him to ask about it, because email is the ONLY information there. No transaction title, no "this is for X" no notes, no shipping address to send to, no names, no "I'm the guy who IM'd you the other day," nothing.

Given that the amount ($35) is what I charge for fox tails, and fox tails are what I sell the most of, that's what I'm betting it's for, but seriously, who pays for an order by paypal without even including a shipping address to send the order to?

The evil little voice in the back of my mind suggests I just keep the money and do nothing. Obviously it can't be a payment for something, or it would have a shipping address attached, right? But then, of course, I'll get to deal with an irate customer who wants to know where the heck his fox tails is, and what's taking so long!
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