October 19th, 2006



I am not a mind reader!

I just got a payment from a "John somethingillegible" for $55 with NO INFORMATION whatsoever about what it's for!

If you're John Illegible, please contact me?


The Wish List!

Well, I was going to just make this as an lj post, but then I figured that this is, in fact, a useful resource for people who might want to trade with me, or *fluttereyelashes* maybe buy me a present someday... So I made a webpage of it, so I can find it more easily.

Windstone Wish List

I even went ahead and included all the ridiculously rare stuff, because you never know... And let me tell you, I'd do a LOT for most of what's on the actively seeking list, as most of that stuff is either so rare I'll never see one, or so expensive I may never afford one.
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