October 26th, 2006



It's interesting what you have to do, sometimes, to find things via google.

For instance, when looking for my Firey Boots Of Doom, the froogle search never did turn up anything useful. It was an image search that located the correct sort of boot, and then from there I was able to visit the site, find the brand name, google that, find the maker, find their website, and buy my boots.

Today I was hunting for the "Crystal Keepsakes" brand of plastic ornament globes, which I use in fursuit heads for eyes.

"Crystal Keepsakes" got me nothing but unrelated kitch.

"Crystal Keepsakes globe" still returned kitch.

"Crystal Keepsakes globe 60mm" returned nothing but an expired e-bay auction.

"Plastic globe" didn't give me anything useful at all, weird random stuff.

"Plastic ball" got me toys and more random stuff.

"Plastic ball 60mm" had a useful result in it! But was mostly full of 60mm ball bearing fans.

"Plascti ball 60mm -bearing" yeilded a dozen sources for what I wanted. Woot! I win!

(This is why some people, if you tell them to "just google it" will never get useful results, because they're using the wrong search terms for what they're looking for, and lack either the brains or the patience to find the right ones.)
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Literary warfare.

Apparently there is a low-level battle constantly being waged between genuine literary agents and scammers who take your money and your manuscript and don't do anything for you.

Here are some rather fun links relating to this:

P.N. Elrod's livejournal Pat Elrod is one of my favorite writers, though interestingly enough she's a moderately awful blogger, really. At least when compared to folks like Ursula Vernon, anyhow.

Then there's the International Independant Literary Agents Association, who claim to be honest, and upright, and are debunking the myths of modern publishing. (Right. Really. Go read it! It's rather entertaining, in a sad sort of way.)

And just in case you didn't follow the link from Pat, there's Miss Snark, a literaty agent herself, who holds forth on the IILAA.

Since I know a few of my friends are writers with intent to publish, I thought I'd pass all that along.
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