October 30th, 2006



Today my major accomplishment was to defrag my computer. It was in desperate need of it, so that was good, though the entire process ended up taking quite a long time.

I also finished up a few odds and ends of projectwork. I really should have dug into one of the two major projects I've got lined up to work on this week, but... meh, not in the mood, really. So instead I got all the repairs on Ren's suit done. It just has to have the patch on the jaw dry, and then I'll paint it, and reglue the teeth.

I did some reading, cooked some food, bought some Halloween candy and generally relaxed. Last week being a stressful one, I figured I could take one more leisurely day, even though yesterday was also a day off. Tomorrow, now, I shall tackle some major work. And shall make a collossal mess with my new electric carving knife. Wheee!

The other accomplishment of the day was sending off two requests for payment. One to the commissioner of the suit in my below post, who as yet has plenty of time to pay, so I'm not fussed much about that. The other, however, was a final notice to a guy who commissioned me something like nine months ago, whose suit has been done, save for the feet, for nearly six months, and who today got his final notice. Pay up in November or I put it up on furbid. Given the recent lack of communication from this fellow, I'm anticipating that come Dec 1st I'll be putting a partial suit up for sale.... A part of me really hates being hard-nosed about this kind of thing, but.... six months to pay is a very generous arrangement, and if you can't come up with the money for something in six months' time, you have no business buying it in the first place. I also feel bad about making the initial deposit non-refundable, but I really can't afford to give full refunds. Custom suits sell for $1k, but selling a suit that's pre-made I'd be very lucky to get half that, and I just can't afford to give a full refund in that situation, when selling it elsewhere is losing me that much money already.
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