November 6th, 2006


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Holy freaking yeargh, making false digitigrade legs is a pain.

But they're coming along. I just need to get off the computer here and do the duct taping for the pattern, and then I can start cutting and sewing. (How on earth did I do things before I knew how to make duct tape patterns?)
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Sixty to zero in about five minutes

Totally run out of steam.

Of course given how busy I am now, run out of steam doesn't mean I get to stop, not this early. It just means I park at the computer and sew Loonakits, rather than working on fursuits. Loonakits need doing, and they're a "tired of other stuff" project, as is painting. This whole month needs to be go-go-go, so I can get caught up and actually have time off around Christmas. And given the number of Christmas Loonakits I expect to sell, added to the usual run of Christmas tails and ears and such, it's not going to slow down any. And then, of course, is the prep for FurtherConfusion in January, and only after that do I get a brief break before gearing up again for Anthrocon.

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