November 10th, 2006



Well, you can tell Halloween is over, because tail and ear sales have fallen off sharply. Hopefully they'll pick up again soon for Christmas.

Anyhow, though I'm still busybusy with big projects, those pay out in large chunks at very wide intervals, thus I like to have a trickle income of small projects to keep me going the rest of the time. Lacking this, I shall fall back on the tried-and-true standby of selling junk on ebay. I'm going to be getting rid of my old dragons, and maybe some of the horses and things too. Here's the first one:

That's a quite old Franklin Mint dragon by Michael Whelan. I bought it when I was still in high school, and for a very long time it was the pride of my collection. Now, of course, it doesn't compare to the least of my Windstones, but I figure I can probably get a few bucks for it. We'll see.
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