November 21st, 2006


Is there a doctor in the house?

So, as all sorts of folks read this thing, and some of you may know more about this than I, I thought I should ask.

For most of my life I have had rather good medical coverage. My father is a teacher, and whatever else you may say about the poor pay of that profession, at least the insurance is very good.

But that coverage has long since ceased to benefit me, and as I am totally self-employed, I do not currently have other coverage. (This is a fairly temporary situation, as I do plan on getting medical coverage, one way or another, within the next year, but for right now I have none.)

I'm quite capable of dealing with my own minor medical problems. I apply bandaids, remove splinters, self-dose with echinacea, vitamin C and herbal tea for colds, and am generally okay, but now I am not so okay. I've got a chronic cough that I've had for at least a month now, which is starting to really worry me, and I fear I'm suffering from chronic fatigue and/or thyroid problems, because I'm sleeping ten hours a day and still feeling tired, and am having a lack of apetite and a high instance of headaches. These things need looking in to, and I cannot take care of them myself.

But given the lack of insurance, does anybody have any suggestions? Are some doctors cheaper than others? (I assume that some must be! But how does one go about finding a cheaper doctor that's still trustworthy?) Is there a way to get a basic check-up on a budget? If I must I will dip into the savings, and can thus come up with a few hundred, but if I can keep expenses low, I really would like to.

Any good ideas for where to go?
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Not broke anymore!

I got TWO nice, fat, juicy payments today. One of 'em was the idjit girl's payment, so it comes with extra annoyance and stupid, but given that it means I'm no longer fretting about making the rent this month, I am happy anyhow!
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Well, the answer to the question of how well Loonakits sell on ebay vs. fubid is "equally badly on both."

Yup, both auctions just ended, neither one got a single bid.

Possibly my fault for starting them at the price I wish to sell them at, but I hate doing a reserve price. It furstrates bidders, it costs me extra, and it's just all-around annoying. Thus it has been my long standing policy to begin an auction for the lowest price I will accept. And in this case I'm not going to sell these things low. I just won't. I mean yes, honestly $25-$65 IS a lot to ask for a twelve inch ball of fluff, but it's a hand-made, one of a kind ball of fluff. I have not done any two exactly alike, and I anticipate continuing that practice. (Very similar at times, there are limits to how many varitions I can come up with, but never exactly alike.)

Anyhow, this goes to show that what I've long held to be true about ebay and furbid still stands - that people in both places are looking to get things cheap and will very seldom shell out very much. (The only exceptions are for media-hyped craze items like the PS3, things associated with celebrities, and limited edition Windstones.)

Thus I shall simply continue to sell Loonakits through my site. I still wish I knew exactly how to figure how to target people that these would appeal to with advertising. I know how to target ads for fursuits, but Loonakits are much less specific and narrow in their appeal.
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More Loonakit

New auction:

In theory this has a better chance of selling than the previous two, because furries are more likely to buy something custom than something premade. This because they must have their fursona, just exactly like it is in their head, or how it looks on their badge, or whatever. Of course theory and practice often differ, so we'll see.
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