November 26th, 2006


Dinner with Melody

Well, I've been and had dinner with my artistic idol. *grins* She proved to be pretty much just like I'd expected. I presented her with a Loonakit, which gift she seems to have found cute and amusing. I don't really feel like writing out all the details of everything, but her family is cool, she's cool, their house is mad with random scullptures and skulls and other odd things, and the food was good too. And I managed to not be obnoxiously fangirlish at her, and yet did manage to bring up the subject of the one Windstone I want to see created which does not yet exist, which subject she didn't give any direct feedback on, but she did say that when folks ask for things enough, she does tend to give in. *grins more*
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Return of the tentacles

The Tentacles of Divine Providence returned to my life today. Well no, not really, but that little snippet of sermon was quoted in the Relief Society lesson at church today, and once again it made me giggle. I could go on about the Japanese Schoolgirl of Life and what this could mean, but I'm not sure it's appropriate to make hentai/religious metaphors, so I'll refrain.

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Also, for anybody that hasn't read the whole Bible. You want to understand what Chrstianity is supposed to be about, rather than what the small-minded have made it? Read Matthew 5. It's not that long, and it really is something that everybody should read at some point.
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Is there an IRC network out there, other than Nightstar, that is not CRAMMED with total morons?

Augh. I've just been accused of being a price-gouging cheating so-and-so because OMG! $25 for a plush! They're $2 at Wal-Mart!

Bah. Your $2 Wal-Mart crap is owned by five million people already, so you have nothing special, and it'll fall apart after the first month anyhow.
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