December 8th, 2006



I have wanted a Flion since I first became aware of them. They are, of course, a Windstone Editions statue. They are pretty. They have been retired for YEARS and will probably never come back out in another color, because there's really only so much you can do with lions, and while color variations happen, odd-colored lions just wouldn't sell. (Griffins happily come in many colors, and they're due to put out a new griffin any day now!)

Thus, Flions are quite in demand among collectors, as we all know what's out is what's out and there will be no more.

They tend to go for around $200. Perfectly mint ones have gone for over $300. I've never had $300, nor even $200 when one was up for sale.

But right now I think I can scrape up $150, and there's one that's slightly damaged on ebay, ending in just twelve hours. Damanged doesn't neccessarily mean it will be that cheap, unless they're broken all to bits, damaged Windstones still bring quite a price. But there's hope, at least, and the bidding is currently fairly slow.

Wish me luck!
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Five minutes! I missed it by LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES!!!!!!!! It went for $86, and I could have paid $150! Gah! It would have been mine! FIVE MINUTES!

(I was busy packing Christmas stuff, and I lost track of time.)

*curls up and whimpers*
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Victory from the ashes of defeat!

So after spending far too long at the post office, (I swear, I got the world's slowest postal worker today. He kept just stopping in between every package to stare into space for a moment, before moving on to the next one. He apparently needed to contemplate the eternities in between packages. Or maybe his brain runs on windows. I don't know.) Anyhow, after that, I returned home to find that my fellow Windstone collectors have taken pity on me, and no less than TWO people have said they'd be willing to sell me a somewhat less than mind Flion.

I am most pleased! And nearly tempted to get them both and have a pair.
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Beep boop!

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Wolf's Rain statues for a good cause

A friend of mine recently had her cat become very ill, and has ended up with a $2,000+ vet bill trying to get him better. To help raise money to pay for it, she's selling some stuff on ebay, including a series of one of a kind, hand painted Windstone Editions winged wolves painted like Wolf's Rain characters.

Her auctions can be found here:

If you like Wolf's Rain, or Windstones, or just wolves in general, you'll want to at least take a look, as she's done wonderful work. The first one up right now is Darcia, and it's REALLY well done. Even if you don't bid, go look at the art at least. And if you know anybody who might be interested, feel free to pass the along.

The cat is out of the bag

Well, Doran was impatient and opened his Christmas present already, but that means that the cat is out of the bag now, and I can finally share the PYO Windstone dragon I did with you all!

The first batch was blue-eyed dragons, and I KNEW exactly what I needed to do with the one I got. I'll get around to making SPark eventually, but SPark has green eyes, so I'm still waiting on the Windstone folks to make a batch with green.

There's quite a lot of shading on there that's not terribly obvious in the photos, but you can at least get a good idea of how it looks.
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Those of you in Utah, let me warn you that Zions Bank SUCKS hugely.

They're refusing to let me transfer my money! I've tried twice to withdraw everything I have left and close down the account, and twice they're refused the transaction. Apparently you're not allowed to write a check for the exact amount of your remaining balance, nor can you do a paypal funds transfer for the dollar amount and leave a few cents.

I'm going to have to call them and say WTFAUGH, GIVE ME MY MONEY! at them. I mean... gah! The money is THERE in the account, WHY dd the transaction get refused?

This is on top of many other sucky things about them, like their HUGE overdraft fees, and the way they go out of their way to arrange things so that debits go first, and then credits, so that you will have the maximum amount of overdraft fees possible, AND they will charge an additional fee for every single overdraft transaction, so that they cascade and pile up, once you've gone over the brink. They suck. The ONLY nice thing they've ever done for me was to fix a mistake THEY MADE when I was cashing a check and didn't get the right amount from the teller (got a ten when I should have gotten a twenty,) and they gave me the missing $10, but as that was their fault in the first place, that's not exactly sterling service, just the minimum required.

Pacific Continental is about three billion times nicer so far. Their fees are MUCH smaller, and they actually give me real customer service. They called me when the stupid check that was supposed to clear out my account at Zion's bounced, to let me know why there was no money in my account with them, before I could even call them!
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This is long, and rambly, and is mostly me waxing rapturous about faux fur. You can skip it if you like.

Many years ago I encountered a brand of faux fur fabric called "Tissavel," and have lusted after it ever since. A few of you may be nodding right here, knowing what I mean. Tissavel is one of those designer faux furs, that is actually meant to substitute for real fur in high-end clothing, and thus comes mostly in real animal varieties. It's nearly always pelted, though happily not always channeled. (These are related but not precisely the same. All channeled fur is pelted, as that's a form of pelting, but not all pelted fur is channeled. And I can't use channeled fur for anything I do, so I tend to ignore it when I encounter it.)

Anyhow, it is almost perfectly indistinguishable from the real thing. Honestly. It's a little too perfect and regular in markings, and if you had the real thing there to compare it with, or if you REALLY know your furs and fabrics, you can tell. But only just. It looks real, and it FEELS real, with that incredible softness that real fur has.

I've had a box of their sample cards for years. I take them out and drool over them, and pet them every so often. Then I sigh and put them away, because the cheapest Tissavel fur they carry is $124 a yard.

But at long last, I am getting some! And it's because of the Loonakits.

You see, I could never justify buying any of this stuff. I can't use it for full suits, the pelting means it's impossible to work into a full suit, really. (And though there are a few unpelted varieties, most of those are things I can get good quality, if not quite this good, elsewhere, and so it's just never been justified.) I could make tails and ears from it, of course, but given that I can get, at VERY most, 5 tails out of a yard, then I'd have to nearly double my tail prices in order to make profit, and while there are a few furries out there who might pay those prices for the increased quality, I just can't bank on it. And if I got somebody who wanted a custom order that was extra-nice quality, I'd have to get them to pay the whole $124 for just one tail, as I couldn't count on ever making profit off of the rest of the yard. Probably not going to happen.

But Loonakits, lovely wonderful Loonakits, have a higher profit margin than tails do, so I've got more wiggle room, and if I'm very careful with my cutting, I can get twenty-odd Loonakits out of a yard. This means that it's possible, juuuuuuuuuuuust barely, but it IS possible, to sell them at only a few bucks more than "normal" Loonakits, and still actually make profit worth bothering with. And okay, it's probably better business to keep using cheaper furs, and making the higher profit, rather than taking a bit of a hit, but I don't care! I have an excuse to buy Tissavel fur, and pet it and cuddle it, and then make stuff from it, and I can justify it and not lose money, so I'm going to. Take that world! And despite my bank's efforts to thwart my getting at my money, I've managed to work out how to make this work, so I am buying a whole 1.25 yards of Tissavel fur! .75 of lynx, .5 of wolf. (I wanted lynx and red fox, but they discontinued the fox. Very sad.)

Anybody want to order a REALLY nice Loonakit? $35, with real glass eyes, and fur you can't tell from the real thing. Pick lynx or wolf.

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