December 24th, 2006


For my own records...

I've got a new high score at Bookworm!

1,299,070 points
Longest word - nodding
Best word - play 3240

New rank - lexographer

Go me! I think I might have gotten farther, but JJ decided to turn up and start pestering me, and I not only lost my concentration, I actually took his advice on a play. Which was what led to my game over. (Well, I'm pretty sure I'd have done the same anyhow. Maybe. But if he hadn't been there distracting me, I swear I would have noticed the N and B dropping!)
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Deadly sin

Though whether it's envy, or greed I'm not sure.

I'd like to be rich. Mostly I'd like to be rich enough, and rich so that I could drop money on things like Friesian Majesty without batting an eye. I lust endlessly after things like that. I look at people who own things like that, and I drool. I constantly an eyeing parades of shiny, useless things that I want.

But then I go and look in the fridge, and I have cherries, and beef stick! And Marie Calander pasta dinners in the freezer, and I'm moving into a lovely apartment, and I have lots of nifty stuff already, and I tell myself that I'm so much better off than I've ever been in my life.

And heck... I can't drop $150 on that thing without batting an eye, but I might just go ahead and bat an eye at it in a few months, and get it anyhow. We'll see.
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We blew a fuse. Again. I will be so glad when we're out of this place! In something less than six months of living here, we've managed to blow 8 fuses. Not because we're running an unbearable load, because we're not. Just because the wiring here sucks hugely, and is very badly set up. Both bedrooms, the hallway, the bathroom, AND one outlet in the kitchen are all on one fuse! Meanwhile as far as I can tell there are four more fuses for the rest of the kitchen, the laundry room, the living room and the dining room, which means each of those probably has its own fuse. Who the heck set that one up?
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This is hilarious! Craft/sewing trainwreck of drama.

To sum up, so you shall know why you should go and read it.
1. Gal orders fabric on line.
2. Fabric arrives, it's the wrong type.
3. Gal attempts to get correct fabric.
4. Seller is VERY unhelpful.
5. Gal thus posts to a HUGE craft community (I'm technically on it, but it eats my friends list so I don't read it much) about the mess, and sends a complaint into the Better Business Bureau

All that is normal, but now we enter the twilight zone.
6. Seller creates an LJ account to respond to this post, and posts lots of personal insults and slurs against the buyer.
7. Seller gets a friend of hers to also respond, friend is also rude and insulting.
8. Seller and friend follow the poster over into her personal lj and harass her.
9. Seller suddenly seems to declare defeat, says she'll fix the order, and then vanishes.
10. Seller makes weird claims to the Better Business Bureau about the buyer.