January 2nd, 2007


A dismal update.

Well, after spending nearly three hours waiting, and growing more and more pissed off yesterday, I then went home, and spent ten more minutes getting thoroughly steamed as I went through the stuff my would-be apprentice made for me. The three tails are... usable. Two are fine, one I'll have to sell at a serious markdown, but it's at least not embarassing to sell under my name.

The ears are ALL useless. Every single one of them. So not only did having him sew them for me NOT save me time, it's going to COST me time because I'm either going to have to recut all the fabric to start from scratch, or pick out the seams to reuse those pieces.

They come in close second to the worst example of sewing I've seen in my life. And given that the worst was perpetuated by a seven-year-old girl who'd picked up a needle for the first time that day, that's pretty sad.

In more cheery news, we're nearly moved. We're mostly living at the new place now, but the internet's not due to be switched over until Wednesday, which is why I'm not online much. Tomorrow we're hoping to get the rest of the books and the odds and ends of small furniture over there, and on Wed we'll move the computers and anything else that's left. Then we can clean Thursday, and hand over the keys on Friday and be done with it.
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Geek trivia

Just out of curiosity, I want to know how many of you folks know this.

Who wrote the first Star Wars novel? The one published in 1976, BEFORE episode IV was released.

(No googling, please. Google to satisfy your own curiosity, if you like, but I just want to know how many people already know this, or think they know this, without having to look it up. And yes, I do know the correct answer myself, and can prove it, should there be any doubters.)
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More moving

Well, every day I think "right, today we'll take a bunch of loads and get most of it moved." And then every day something else happens instead. Ah well. It's still coming along, if slowly.

My phoenix tapestry buyer couldn't come through, so I still have it. I put up some better photos of it on my deviantart account. (And of course they get no comments. Nobody appreciates textile art unless it's disgustingly cute, I think.)

Still for sale. Would like at least $100 for it, will take Windstones of equal value.

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