January 9th, 2007



So looks like we're getting another cat.

I was planning on getting a second cat soon anyhow, since this apartment allows two, unlike the previous place, and Kali is a nuisance sometimes who might be happier with another cat to play with, and might pester us less. (She just wants to play all the time!)

Anyhow, JJ's mother's nail stylist (obscure connections FTW!) found a stray and is trying to find a home for it. And (here's the real selling point) it's a pointed longhair! I LOVE pointed longhairs. In my opinion they are the prettiest cats ever. Elegant yet fluffy and cute. I nearly picked one out at the shelter when we got Kali, but the only one they had there was a real behavior problem, and wouldn't let you touch him at all. (What's the point of having a cat you can't pet?) So if this cat is at all personable, I'll be taking it.

I've made an appointment with the vet, so if and when I get this cat, I can take it in as soon as possible. Strays have all kinds of nasty diseases sometimes, and so it'll have to be quarantined until we can be sure it won't give Kali something awful, and I want to get that taken care of quickly. Having Kali shut out, and this cat shut into my room (JJ doesn't want it in his, and the livingroom and kitchen don't have doors, and the bathrooms are both really small, I'd feel cruel shutting a cat in one long term,) is going to be a nuisance. Though I guess it means I'll be able to listen to my music without feeling guilt over subjecting JJ to it.

So anyhow, kitty!
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I have discovered a fascinating thing! There are a LOT of people out there who are "plural" in some way. (No, this is not the fascinating thing, though it is fascinating I knew it already.) Apparently a fair number of them have gotten annoyed at the need to say "this is so-and-so speaking" when posting lj posts, so they have made a journal for each persona/personality and then created a community locked so that only their personas can join, and then each posts as his or herself, and thus their friends can readily watch everybody by watching the community, rather than needing to friend and keep track of a heap of individual journals. (I know this can be hard, because I've had multiple journals for one "person" friended before, and I kept forgetting they were attached to the same person.

This is a neat idea! Of course it'd be of little use to me, as I'm too integrated. The personas speak up from time to time, but they mostly address me, or eachother, they are generally content to let me do all the interacting with the rest of the world, since I am them and they are me, so none of the other journals, were I to make them, would get much use.

But still, a really interesting idea.
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