January 13th, 2007



This is just a tiny thing that is really starting to make me roll my eyes a lot. The customers_suck community is NOT the grammar_nazis community. Why is it these days that every time there's a badly written post, nobody responds to the content, they just jump all over the grammar? I'm a grammar nazi myself, I get bugged by abuses of you're/your and this one gal's use of "paragraph's" made me wince too, but she was venting about work not writing a graded essay! And yet of all the comments to her post, 90% were about how it was one large block of text with bad grammar. That's just silly! If you hate big blocks of text, just use the scroll bar and don't read it, people.

I'd post this to the community in question, but it would be off topic, and I'd get jumped all over.
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So, the con is almost here. Less than a week away now! As a fair number of you folks reading this will be there, I thought I'd post one of those little "guides to meeting me at a con" thing. So, here goes.

1. I am there for buisness. What does this mean? It means that while I do enjoy talk, chatter, gossip, etc., while I'm manning my booth potential customers and people who want to talk business get priority over people who just want to chat.

2. That said, I do like to chat, so don't feel shy. Go ahead, come up, introduce yourself. I was rather sad last year to hear a lot of people say "Hey, I saw you, but I was too shy/you looked busy/I didn't think you wanted to be bugged, so I didn't say hello." I only bite on request, so say hi. I don't mind, really!

3. Please don't be offended if I have no clue who you are. "Hey, I'm Redfox48975, we IMed about that tail once, remember!" Uh, no, I don't remember, sorry. I talk to a LOT of furs online, and it's usually about "that tail." Almost every day I get at least one IM from somebody new who wants to discuss fursuits, or furries, or whatever. That means that since last FC I've talked to close to 300 different furs. Unless we talk a LOT I'm probably not going to remeber you.

4. I am huggable. I am NOT yiffable. Just so you know. I like cuddles and scritches, but if you start getting fresh, you're probably going to get growled at.

5. If you buy stuff I will love you. But if you don't buy stuff, I won't hate you. You don't need to apologize to me because you don't have the money to spare for something. That's okay. I don't usually have much money to spare at a con myself.

6. I will be suiting as Ziazan, my three-tailed rainbow kitsune. (Assuming I manage to get the head done tomorrow, which I should!) I'll try to post photos before I go so you can spot me when I'm in suit. Just please be aware, not just with me but with all suiters. You can't see worth beans in those things, and a lot of them are very fragile. Roughousing can seem like a lot of fun, but if you pounce a suiter without warning, they won't see you coming, and you could hurt them, or damage a suit worth several thousand dollars. You don't want to be killed by irate suiters, so make sure that it's okay before you touch somebody in a suit.

More cat stuff.

I opened the door to my room and let Kali in just a few minutes ago. Since the new cat got a clean bill of health, I figure it's time to let them get aqainted a bit. The new cat was under the bed. Kali came in, sniffed around a little, inspected the closet thoroughly, but left the bed alone right at first. Then she went over to the bed and peered under it. Her tail bushed out, but she didn't hiss or anything, and she didn't make any move to go under there. I think she realized that the other cat was scared, because her tail went back to normal after a bit, and she started moving really slowly, backing away from the bed and going slowly to the other side of the room, (it was kind of funny, she was walking with this exaggerated slow-motion sort of walk,) where she could see underneath, but wouldn't be threatening to the other cat, and she slowly settled down there.

Appareantly (at least thus far!) she's being a little feline diplomat! We'll see how it goes from here. I won't be leaving them alone together until I'm reasonably sure they won't hurt each other, so they'll probably still be separated when we go to FC. (I feel bad for leaving them that long! But what can I do? Somebody will be feeding them while we're gone, so they'll be okay.)
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The new cat now has a name. I'm calling her "Elentari"

A huge stack of geek points to anybody who recognizes that name without having to look it up.

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And I can call the cat Tari for short! Tari and Kali.