February 3rd, 2007


This is going to take some getting used to

Well, the new computer is up and running. I'm using it right now, even. Got IRC and all my settings there, got my bookmarks and firefox stuff transferred over, got my documents and random crap, now I just need to get around to getting a few random things, like Open Office, and Skype downloaded, and I'll be set to go. Oh, and the music. The music! That one is going to take me a while. I have a lot of music, and now that I have space for it, I want more! Lots more! I want to go through all my random strange CDs and get everything onto this computer, and have a real Playlist Of Doom. The one I have now is pretty fun, but the new one will be truly mind-bending.

But that's going to be a fairly massive task, so I'm putting it off. Today I am going to screw around, and tomorrow I have sewing and such to do. Maybe on Sunday, I think that for once my Sunday is fairly open and free.

Anyhow, computer! Yay!
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Rabbit head is almost done. That should have taken me one day, and took nearly four. Sheesh. I hate being on my period. As if I don't have enough issues with lack of motivation, lack of energy, and over-abundance of emotionality as it is! Bleah.

If I act a little psycho at you, sorry folks.
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Give in to the inevitable

Obviously no more sewing is going to happen today. I just cannot muster the energy. So I'm painting instead. Painting takes more concentration, but involves less getting up and crouching on the floor cutting and running around lifting fur boxes to get at fabrics and shifting things to use the sewing machine, and is generally just less actual physical effort. And I've needed to finish off a trio of PYO dragons for ages, so I'm getting them done today and tomorrow. At least one of them will be completely finished, I hope, by Sunday night. And I've started moving the music. I actually have less than I thought, in terms of storage space (10 gigs) but given that most of those are very low-quality mp3s, it's still a fair bit of play time.

I'll post pics of the rabbit head (that's all done but a couple of tiny details, and the dragons, tomorrow sometime.