February 4th, 2007


Slapstick feline humor

Kali is a real brat! But she is also massively entertaining.

Tari was sitting perched on a small box, that was in turn sitting on a storage bin. From said box she can see out the window, so she sits there a lot, looking out. Kali came into the room, and walked over near Tari, and stood looking up at her. This usually means she's bored, and wants to get a rise out of Tari, but Tari didn't even notice her, she was staring too intently at something outside.

So Kali decided to make sure she got noticed! She jumped up onto the storage bin, whapped Tari on the butt with one paw jumped down, and fled!

Tari, of course, whirled around and hissed, but Kali was already gone.

And I was just about rolling on the floor laughing!
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