February 15th, 2007


To elaborate...

We have to get our Secret Keeper first. But after that, maybe....

Anyhow, which of these fellows do you think looks more like my gorgeous self? Just considering facial features, not hair, because it's all wigs anyhow.

http://bladespark.topcities.com/art/darkangeltest.jpg There's me, if you can't recall.
http://bladespark.topcities.com/art/aidgrin.jpg is a good one of my twin, and as we look the same, save for the hair and the sense of style, it'll work too.

Here's the options we're looking at thus far:
http://img.dreamofdoll.com/co_img006/hsh933/etc/dodup.jpg Man, this one looks awesome, but the face shape may not quite be right, and it's a slightly younger look. Which is okay, but I dunno....
http://www.dollpeddlar.com/images/D1Yang.jpg does look a bit older, and the chin is right, I think, but I'm not so sure about the eye shape and the eyebrows, they're not arched at all.

Then there's this http://domuya.net/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_29_4&products_id=8 which supposedly is the larger version of the Yang Jr, but it doesn't really look like it to me! The eyebrows are different, and the facial proportions are too. I like this one. And it's big. And expensive. But neat. I wish I could see what all these would look like with the correct wig on.

Anybody who knows much about ball jointed dolls is welcome to suggest one as well. So far I've just been following assorted google searches for them, and seeing what I turn up. And if and when I do get one, there will be a lot of work to do to get it right, as the outfit, and the wings especially, need to be just so. Heck, I could get two outfits and have myself and Rhiannon...

(Darkangel here, if you can't tell...)
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Oooo, bishy...


Although I find the fact that if I bought a plain body and head of him, without wig or eyes or anything, it would be $40 MORE than getting him with wig and eyes to be slightly annoying, as his wig is the wrong color, and he has "random" color eyes, so they'll probably be the wrong color too, so I'll have to buy them anyhow, should I decide to get him....

(Look, I've found a new obsession! Won't last though. I just want one. Might MAYBE consider two, to get a Serapha. Nobody else in here is interested, and I can't see myself just getting these to have them.)

Just pondering...

Anybody have any ideas where you might find weaponry in a small scale? I've seen mini swords a few times, but what I'm actually after is mini daggers. Something just 10cm/4" long or so. Real metal would be nice. Sheaths with would be even nicer.

Edit - the scale here is 1/3 scale, basically. Doll will be either 60 or 70 cm tall. Thus far the only thing I can find in 1/3 scale is Sting! Which would be rather fun, but the mini Sting hasn't got a sheath, so I'd have to make one.