March 18th, 2007



So... I just got back from seeing 300.


Normally I am not at all a fan of stuff with gore in. But this... it was artistic. I mean, there were three bits where I closed my eyes for a few seconds. Because a few things should not be rendered in loving slow motion. Ick. But for a movie where 90% of the screen time was Spartans killing Persians, there was surprisingly little that bothered me. I think partly because although the blood spattered around liberally, you didn't really see nasty injuries or squidgy bits. Just spatter. And the whole thing was in a sort of sepia tone so the blood was nearly black. And there were any number of places where the camera stopped for just a second, and you could see a comic book frame, right there. I think "artistic" really is the word for it. Even the admittedly gratuitous sex scene was artistic. And other than some nipples, (and you know, I have some, they're not something I'm unfamiliar with) you don't actually see anything.

So what I'm saying here is basically that this is, despite the fact that it's bloody as all getout, a very pretty film. (Though Rachel, I suggest you wait for the cleanflicks, I'm not sure you'd like it otherwise. There were those three bits. And nipples.)

Also, although it was obvious the makers weren't worried at all about historical accuracy, they did toss quite a few historic bits in. Like the way the Spartans used their spears and shields in a phalanx at several points. (Although of course real Spartans would never have broken the phalanx at all, while these broke it whenever they felt like it. But if they hadn't, it would have been a pretty boring movie.) Though I somehow doubt the Persians were actually in the habit of finding people with freakish mutations and including them in their army. But what the heck, the bad guys have to look scary, right? How else will we know they're bad guys? (There's a whole essay on that subject, but eh. I'm too bouncy to rant right now.)

The music was also awsome. Plenty of good standard fare movie music with thrilling horns and fullsome strings and such, but a fair bit of the fighting was done to a background of electric guitar. Which may sound weird, but it was totally awesome.

Awesome sort of sums it up. If you don't mind a little artistic blood spatter (er, actually if you don't mind a lot of artistic blood spatter,) I highly reccommend you go see 300.

Oh, and muscley guys in loin cloths. 'Nuff said.

60 to zero.

So now I'm all blah. Nothing like a little email conversation with my mother to get me down when I was finally up out of the pit of depression for a while. Meh. We are alike in many inevitable ways, but in other ways it's really shocking how different we are, and I honestly no longer understand that woman at all. I don't know what she means or what she thinks or why she says the things she says. And it's pretty obvious she doesn't understand me either.

Also... wtf? I am bleeding again! My period was just two weeks ago, and it was unusually short and light, and now there's more blood, although just a little bit, and what the freak is going on here? My body is going crazy. I guess it wants to keep my brain company.
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