April 26th, 2007


Work stuff

So the sewing machine is currently in for repairs at the spiffy local sewing/vacuume place. But they tell me that it was really never meant to take the kind of abuse I give it, and what I need is a proper industrial machine. So I'm scouting ebay right now for one second hand, as new industrial sewing machines run $1k or so.

I'm still behind on projects, sadly, but I'm not falling further, and I hope to be caught up again well before Anthrocon, so anybody who's getting somethhing for the con, or who has any other hard deadline on your stuff, no worries.

Biggest tail I've ever done.

It's not the biggest one anybody's ever done, but it's getting there, and it may well hold a record for heaviest, because it's got nearly four full yards of longpile, dense fur, and pretty much an entire ten pound bag of stuffing too.

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