May 1st, 2007



When shopping for a sewing machine it is seriously irritating how many brands there are! And then there are jillion models of each brand. And heaven knows if one or the other is what I actually want, because everybody seems to call their machine "heavy duty" even when it's patently obvious it's not, meanwhile actual industrial machines are too big to get into this apartment without having to remove my desk and work space to make room for them, which I can't really do, plus they're mostly $1k or so anyhow. I just need something that won't freak out if I sew lots and lots and lots of velcro on it! That's all! But when half the people claiming to be selling heavy duty machines are obviously selling plain old nothing-special-about-them machines, how can I trust the other half to be telling me the truth on the ones where I can't tell myself? And I'd kind of like to get a machine that's not older than my mother this time around, and of course all the industrial type machines I see cheaply are definitely old as mud, and the whole thing is just frustrating the heck out of me! Especially since I was this close to buying one that I'm pretty sure is perfect, in my budget, and then like an idiot I missed the end of the auction, and now it's listed again but of course this time the bidding is actually happening, and it's shot up out of my price range. Grrr. I think I've found one that'll work, but it's 18 hours till the end of the auction, and by that time somebody will probably have bid a ton on it, and the buy now price is out of my range, and AUGH.

*ahem* Yeah. My old machine is fixed, and I'm going to go ahead and use it on velcro anyhow, even though I'll be running it right into the ground that way. I just can't afford to wait until I can get a new one, because the way things are going right now, that may take me a bit.
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