May 4th, 2007



Sewing machine is going screwy again. Still usable, but I've had it back less than a week, and hadn't even really buckled down to use it yet! I doubt it'll last to the end of this dinosaur suit I"m doing now, let alone through putting velcro on a roo, a skunk, a fox-dog and a horse, all of which I rather want to get to in the next few weeks. Bah.

I hoped to get caught up before it quit on me, but it looks like no.

Meh. Looks like I might just have to budget a bit more for it and start seriously going after industrials on ebay now. I can (and probably will have to, sorry!) put off some stuff till later, but some of it MUST get done soon.
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There is this thing...

...that used to happen to me a lot when I was sleep deprived, (which I was a lot in high school, because I stayed up late reading but then got up early for school.) It happened again today, not because I haven't been sleeping, but because my glands betray me, and have decided that 12 hours is "enough" sleep, and that if I get less than that they will insist I'm sleep deprived.

Anyhow, I want to know if this happens to anybody else.


Firstly, I feel light headed. But not "I"m going to faint" light headed, it's a lot more like the floaty, disconnected feeling of being on nitrous at the dentist's, or a little bit like whatever super-mondo painkiller they gave me when I got hit by the crazy cyclist and had a goosegg of doom. It's very surreal feeling.

Surreal also describes the other major symptom, which is that my brain distorts visual data. My eyes are working just fine, and with a heroic effort of concentration I can get things to look more or less normal in the middle, but around the edges it refuses to cooperate. I can read just fine while this is going on, in fact it's going on right now and I'm typing away here, and proof-reading as I go. The effects are actually least noticable on text, I think because it's on a flat surface, and depth is what the effect screws with the most. It's not a "seeing things that aren't there" distortion, it's more of a "things look mis-proportioned" distortion. In particular it tends to mess with my sense of depth perception, that is a nearby object will suddenly be percieved as being very far away. But since I can see that it's still the same size, in addition to percieving and processing it as very far away, it also gets processed as being very huge! Or the reverse will happen, a far off item will seem to be very close, and very small. Sometimes something will go both ways at once, like somebody's body seeming small and close, while their head looks far and gigantic.

It's just bizarre, and surreal, and reminds me of some of the descriptions I've read of being on hallucinogens, except of course that I'm not "on" anything, it's just my mind, acting strangely.

Anybody else get anything like it?
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In other news,

Spiderman 3 has, I think, set a new record. Somebody has actually managed to make three movies, in a row, two of them sequels to the first, and none of them sucking at all.

Yup. It was good. Gooooooooooooooooood and shiny and with character development, and things going 'splodey, and... it was good!

Also, Aidan has bought a dagger. Well, I bought the dagger. I found one at this place in the mall that's more or less identical to one of the daggers I've usually drawn him with. Although not the one is his picture here, that's one of his smaller daggers, and this is rather like one of his two big ones. Just without the ostentatious pommel stone. It's spiffy.