May 27th, 2007


Windstone shiny stuff!

I went past my local Windstone store today. They had the new "wolf" color griffin chicks in, and I just couldn't resist! I bought one. I really probably shouldn't have, but I wanted it anyhow! And I decided I really like the wolf color better than the pearl color. And since I have a pearl mother griffin that's limited production and worth $230, selling her and replacing her with a wolf mother griffin that costs $144 would probably be a good move. (I mean really! Owning a piece that is very far from my favorite, and yet is the second most expensive piece I have is just silly!) The extra money will cover the cost of this chick I bought, and hopefully also cover part of the cost of getting a limited production violet wolf chick. *crosses fingers, eyes auctions*

If I'm really lucky some crazy person who either doesn't know how to get them from the factory, or isn't patient enough to wait for the next batch, whenever that may be, will pay more than the $230 she cost me, but I'm trying not to hope too hard for that, ebay usually disappoints me.

Anyhow, though I know most of you either don't like Windstones or aren't crazy enough to spend what they cost, I shall link to the auction anyhow!

Here she is. I scheduled her to actually start tomorrow afternoon, because last minute sniping drives up the price, and nobody will be around to snipe if the auction ends at midnight.

Oh, and if anybody is curious about the chick I bought, I'll take photos of my own later, but he's the sitting chick on the right in this photo, although the photo really isn't perfectly accurate as far as his colors go.
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Sold my Soul

I don't think there's anywhere further to fall. I gave in and got a deviant art, and now I've got a myspace. But I'm feeling broke now, I could use some extra business, and so I figured I might as well. I refuse, however, to put in embedded music/video. That is the most obnoxious thing EVER.
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Hee! These photos, unlike most I've seen, show the grays and browns correctely as far as tone goes, but as far as shade goes, they're not quite right. The light areas are darker than that, though the dark areas are pretty close. The flash washed it out, basically. Still, you can see how cute it is! And can also see the way the claws and quills on the wing feathers are bronze, rather the the pale gold they are on the white chick.

I plan on getting the mother in this color eventually. I may also pick up the other chick too someday. Mostly I want at least one griffin in every color, and at least one of every pose. I have a tan male, one of each chick in pearl, and this guy. I lack representatives of albino (pink eyes, less metallic than pearl) and black, and now that I'm selling my mother, I lack her pose.
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The following all need to be finished within the next month or so.

Velcro and zipper for kangaroo bodysuit.
Same for skunk bodysuit, plus tail
Padding and bodysuit for fox-dog, plus neckflaps and minor adjustments to head.
Wolf foot paws w. airbrushing.
Fox plush with wings.
Horse suit, which thus far only has the headframe done.
Panther full suit, no work done.
Ram full suit, no work done.
Assorted tails, ears, and loonakits.

Yeah. Going to go insane. This is two month's worth of work at my normal pace. *sighs* But I am darn well GOING to get it all done somehow! Today I shall quite likely kill the sewing machine, but I'm going to go ahead and do the velcro and zippers... wish me luck!
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More lulz!

Livejournal delivers more than its usual quotient of drama today! Woo. And all of it elsewhere, rather than in my own journal, so I can enjoy the train wrecks if I want. Just how I like it!