June 4th, 2007


New Windstone PYO!

I just finished painting a PYO unicorn, my first, as they've only been available for a week or so. (She came in the mail along with my Violet Flame Fledgie, but I was a little too excited about that to mention her, really.) Anyhow, she is done!

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I think I'm going to sell her, so if anybody's interested, make me an offer. I don't really feel like listing her on ebay right now, after my recent disappointment there, so I'll just take offers for a while, and then pick the best one, I think.

I was thinking about adding a MLP-style butt symbol to her, probably an eye of Ra to match her makeup, or possibly a scarab. Dunno. Maybe whoever buys her can hep me make up my mind about whether to add something or just leave it.

Edit: If you can't see the pictures, it means topcities is still down, so check out deviant art instead: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/56849736/
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Okay, I was wondering there for a while if I'd poured nearly $300 down the drain on my "new" Bernina, since I had to get the thing fixed immediately on getting it, and then even fixed it was giving me fits, but I finally figured out what was the problem with the feed through, and today I put on some velcro, and it just powered right through it, no hesitating or making funny noises at all! (My old machine made the darndest sounds when I sewed anything thick on it.) So yay! I may end up keeping the old one and using it too, as I really like it for some stuff, and I know that it's going to last till the end of time, having lasted 50 years or so already. (Funnily enough there's a couple of them for sale on ebay right now. I bought mine for $60, one of the ebay ones is over $200 and is calling it an industrial machine, which I know perfectly well it isn't, just a really hardy home use machine. 'Course the Bernina I got is a sort of "light industrial" home use too, just a more modern one that's capable of doing thicker fabrics..)
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