June 13th, 2007


It's done!

Well, okay the glue isn't dry yet, and the hair still needs some stying work, (and I suck hugely at hair styling.) But it's done enough to photograph, so here it is.

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The magic smoke came out of my blender, so it doesn't go anymore. Right in the middle of making a shake, so of course everything I put in said shake is wasted. *snarl*

Today is turning out to be a great day. Insults, hateful generalizations about religion, and now this! Gah!
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Oh great!

As if the day wasn't already being "fun" enough, now there's zombies. Freaking zombies! And of course Jordan is off at class and heaven knows if the buses are even running any more. They've probably gotten all the bus drivers, it's not as if those things are terribly secure. I've got the apartment locked up, and the insane dog next door barks like nuts when there's one shambling around here (which is how I noticed they were out there in the first place,) so at least I've got warning. They seem to be going after people out in the street right now, there aren't enough here yet for them to be breaking into houses. I actually flipped on the TV (I think that would make the second time we've used it for something other than video games) and got a few news broadcasts, but they're all either being skeptical or panicing, nobody has anything actually useful as far as advice goes.

I figure I'll get out my sword, it's got an actual edge on it. I kind of lack lawnmowers, chainsaws, or axes, so that'll be the next best thing.

Gah. It would figure that the frickin' zombie invasion would happen today. I hope JJ gets home before they get hungry enough to start trying to break in here. I also hope they break in next door first. They can eat that frickin' psycho dog, so it'll shut up already.

Edit: I found a source of real information about the zombies! I'm ready to make my last stand now if I have to. Anybody reading this had better go see.
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