June 23rd, 2007



I've updated the forum post about BoardieCon.

We've got show tickets purchased, and I'm working on room arrangements. Rathorius and spouse have a room of their own, the rest of us will be three or four to a room, probably. If there's somebody you want to room with, or somebody you really don't want to room with, let me know! Looks like there's going to be 13 of us in all, which is a little smaller than I'd hoped, but certainly still enough to have plenty of fun! We've got a block all together at the jousting show, so we can heckled the knights loudly.

JJ and I will be arriving by car early afternoon on the 19th, so we'll get checked into the hotel and start getting things organized there. Happily there is a shuttle from the airport to the hotel, so we shouldn't have too much ferrying around to do. Anybody who hasn't given us an arrival time, we'd appreciate knowing when you're going to be coming in, and how, just so we can make sure nobody gets lost or forgotten. My cell phone number is available to all attendees, just ask, I'll send it to you.

Most everybody's paid, which makes me very happy. Anybody who hasn't, sooner is better than later. I've gone ahead and gotten the show tickets of a few folks out of my own pocket, so, you know... I will take that money out of the hide of anybody who doesn't pay me back for it. Also, if anybody knows how to reach Misanthrope other than through the forums, he had initially said he wanted to come, but I haven't heard back from him since then. So if you know how to poke him, please do so for me. I'm going to assume he's not coming unless I hear otherwise, but if he is I need to know so I can try to get another show ticket for him in the same block!

Oh, and if anybody has good party games and consoles? Bring 'em! I haven't completely confirmed this with the hotel, but we're pretty sure that we can get consoles working with the TVs there. (Connections and adaptors for this purpose may be a good idea to bring if you have those.) We might be hauling along Guitar Hero I and II. Also Settlers of Catan and probably Scrabble, because I am a Scrabble fiend and the travel Scrabble doesn't take up much room in the luggage. Bring also swim suits and such, as the hotel does have a pool!