June 25th, 2007



I think I'm easily amused. But I find it funny that more people care about bottled water than about DRM issues, at least according to the comments I get. *grins* Heck, more people seem to care about bottled water than about most stuff I post.

One can just never predict what's going to draw comments on lj, seems.

In other news, today I got ponies! Bait for another future custom project, plus two for the collection. I have my little boy blue again. I thought of him as a guy when I got him. Actually he wasn't, he was a girl named Ember, but she didn't have any butt symbol at all, so I could make her whatever I want, thus she was the younger brother of my other ponies. Also the black pony project pony, which is the only pony ever made in black, as far as I know, and thus interests me greatly.
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Well, it seems I'm going to be making another Floyd pony! I appear to be becoming a Floyd pony specialist, despite the fact that I started this intending to make just one. Then there was Harli with the Dark Side idea and her birthday coming up, and now there's somebody on the MLP trading post who has three of the ponies I want, and will give me all three in exchange for a Syd Barrett pony. Which will be a bit more of a challenge than doing Dark Side or Pink. Dark Side was just the cover art transferred onto the pony, while Pink was a character, with an iconic symbol associated which made things easy. Syd though... there aren't any visual things associated with him, really. He was the mind behind Piper at the Gates of Dawn, and the subject of Shine on you Crazy Diamond, so those are places to start, but the cover art on the albums doesn't really suit a pony.

Dunno, I'm sure I'll come up with something.
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Mostly for my own reference

Ponies in the works:

Seckrit pony #2
Seckrit pony #3
Summer Storm, summer baby swap.
Ki-rin pony.
Syd Barratt "apples and oranges" pony. (Person commissioning it said that was the favorite Barratt song of the guy it's for.)
Jordan pony. (No, not that Jordan, another Jordan.)

Ponies maybe in the works:

Possible Happy Rainbow <-> Dream Drifter trade if the gal ever finds her Dream Drifter.
Possible Dream Drifter -> Flower Child if I ever get a Dream Drifter.
Winged firecat pony.
Last unicorn pony. (I know, it's been done about five million times. I'm doing it anyhow. My version will be superior.)
Eternity baby pony.
Unico teeny tiny pony.
Prince pony.