August 4th, 2007


Idiotic snake

So you recall when I said Anthonly wasn't inclined to ball up? I've found something that makes him do so. Wiggling a dead mouse at him.

Yes, Anthony is terrified of his dinner.


I've quit wiggling it, in the hopes that if it's not scaring him he'll notice it's food, but right now he's just nosing at the feeding container around it, looking for a way out, and ignoring it. He's not half an inch from a warm mouse, he's due to eat today, but he can't seem to figure out that this is food. Eesh.

Edit: Because apparently I need to say this - I was relating an amusing anecdote here. NOT asking for advice in feeding snakes. If I did wish advice on feeding snakes, this post would have contained phrases such as "Does anybody have any suggestions?" or "What should I do about this?" As it does not, it is safe to assume that I do not wish advice, since if I had wanted advice, I would have asked for it.


This is a public service announcement.

If you are SO sensitive that my responding to your comment in a matter-of-fact manner offends you and upsets you SO much that you have to delete said comment?

You should just take me off your friends list and go away. Because I say what I think, and I don't always care to try and put it in a politically correct or syrrupy-nice way. And I happen to think that comment deleting is lame, stupid, and cowardly. Said something you regret? Tough! You should have the balls to stick by it anyhow. And if you suddenly realized you said something stupid, and want to say something different, the "reply" button is right there, comment again and clarify. If you really want to delete comments in your own journal, I guess it's your space, go ahead, but this was in MY JOURNAL, if I want comments gone there, I'd delete 'em myself. I think it's rude to go around deleting comments in somebody else's journal. (And while we're at it, it's really also rather rude to delete comments that somebody else left in yours! If they're trolling, it's okay to be rude to trolls, so delete away, but somebody went to the effort of writing that, and you wiping it out of existance is just not polite at all!)

Yes, this is directed at one specific person. Who's gotten all offended at me before, and probably will again, and should really just spare herself the grief and unfriend me already.
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Lately it seems that every time I hear a little more about what Obama is saying I find myself leaning a little more in his direction.

It's very odd... never in my admittedly short adult life has there been a politician whose speeches I actually felt good about hearing. I've listend to left and right, radical and conservative, lots of different debates, and they all sounded like politicians. Well... Obama still sounds a little like a politician, but not really that much. He's come out and frankly said something. How often does that happen? And usually the thought of going to vote is laden with distaste, because I know that I"m going to be voting somebody I strongly dislike into office, no matter who I vote for. I actually don't strongly dislike Obama.

It's quite shocking.

And it's really a rather massive shame that the odds are that I will never get to vote for him. Somebody who actually appears relatively sane is in the presidential race at long last, but odds are that he won't make it past the primaries, and I am not registered as a democrat, so I don't get to vote in those anyhow. (I refuse to join either of the big parties. I just can't do it. If I must be in a party, I'll take the libertarians.)

I even like or don't hate most of his platform and everything.

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