August 5th, 2007


Strikeout issues

Here is a very thorough, very sane, very aware description of exactly what LJ is doing wrong. And what they aren't doing wrong as well. It covers how LJ is not violating our freedom of speech (they aren't!) and how the artists in question did in fact do something rather stupid, which should probably be mentioned, but then covers in dept exactly what LJ is doing that's a screw up.

If you really are too lazy to click and read, I'll sum it up: "Bad customer service."

The arbitrary banning of accounts without warning, without possability of appeal, and without any clear violation of TOS or rules is not good customer service. People pay lj, and people also provide lj with all of the content that attracts advertisers and other paid members. Thus, ticking off said paid customers and content providers is just not good business. It's legal, sure, but it's still a bad idea.


I'm half tempted to swear I'm never going to speak a word or post a picture about Anthony anywhere ever again. Will people PLEASE quit assuming I'm either stupid or cruel? Just because I'm new to snakes doesn't mean I'm a total idiot, and it certainly doesn't mean I'm abusive, to either snakes or rodents.

Edit: Okay, okay, I'll keep posting Anthony pictures. I'm just a little aggravated over the amount of negativity I've been getting in regards to him.
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