August 10th, 2007


Random stuff.

Yesterday I went blackberrying. And then I made blackberry cobbler, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. And today I am having blackberries in milk for breakfast. And maybe some more cobbler. Yum.

Yesterday I also bandaged JJ's foot, because he managed to somehow tear open the skin on his toe, and was bleeding all over the place. It was kind of disturbing, but I've actually bandaged worse on him, because a few years ago when I was visiting him in Chicago he cut off the very tip of his finger. That was... exciting, to say the least.

Anthony hasn't been out and about since he ate his mouse. He has moved only to go from one hide to the other. I caught a glimpse of him last time he moved, and he was no longer lumpy in the middle, so maybe today he will be back out and active again.

A little perspective on terrorism. I rather like this attitude. I've gotten to the point where I'm sick and tired of being afraid. That's all, just sick and tired of it. I've run out of fear, or something. Time to move on. If you feel like moving on too, you may want to take a look at the site.
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Yesterday, as I mentioned, I went blackberrying, and made cobbler. Today I went again and just ate berries. I was on my way back from picking up my prescription at the clinic, and my path passes two large berry brambles. One is closer to home, and is a proper bramble, and has been cut back from the road to form a bit of a hedge, thus it is good for picking in quantity, as you bend over less, and that's where I went yesterday. The other is new, so the brambles are all low to the ground, but it's along a ditch, so it's all green and the berries are huge. And it lies directly along the path that runs by the road (no sidewalk in that area) so it's very handy, I just had to take two steps off the path to start picking.

I ate myself nearly sick, there were so many berries and they were so good. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooood! Huge, fat, juicy, perfectly ripe, I mean OMG I have seldom had blackberries that good. And I couldn't help but notice that despite being barely a yard from a path worn by daily walking, they showed no signs of regular harvesting. In fact they showed no signs of being picked at all!

This led me to wonder why. They're there, they're huge and juicy and enticing, they're not out of anybody's way, really. Why has nobody else been eating them? So I entertained myself the rest of the way home with theories.

1. People are just that lazy, and two steps off the path and then bending over a bit is too much for them.

2. People are just that used to seeing blackberry bushes, because they're everywhere here, and so they haven't actually noticed that there are good, juicy berries on this one.

3. People are so incredibly busy that nobody has ever had time to stop and pick the berries.

4. People think that only children and furries pick berries (how does that go? In the forest, digging holes and eating berries?) so adults don't want to look like a child or furry, and thus they don't pick them.

5. People don't know that blackberries are edible in the wild, they think that only the storebought kind (which holy crap! are like $4 for a cup of tiny, sour, half smashed berries!) are the only kind safe to eat.

6. People are so afraid of catching salmonella or some other nasty disease they won't eat a wild berry when they can't wash it first. (I nearly ate a ladybug that was on one of them, but I don't think ladybugs could give you diseases. They'd just make the berry taste really nasty and crunchy.)

7. Everybody now thinks that a blackberry is something that goes on a phone, so they don't even know what these are or that they're edible.

Anybody else have another theory to add?


I think I want to dye my hair. Not yet, because at the moment I'm working on length, and dying when you're growing long is never a good idea. You almost always end up looking dorky. Or else frizzing your hair to death trying to get it to not look dorky. And I am not a fan at all of over-use of product, as witnessed by the fact that I never even hairspray or anything.

Anyhow... I will dye when I'm done with length and am ready to do something else for a while. This means when I have either 1. gotten so annoyed at my hair being long and in the way that I'm ready to get rid of it, or 2. gotten it so ridiculously long that there's just no way to get it any longer, (which would probably mean to my feet, which I really doubt I'll make it to, as it's another decade or so to get that long, at the rate I'm currently going) or 3. actually reached the natural stopping point, which people do have, past which my hair won't grow. (Which also may not happen, I really have no idea where that is for me, but it's pretty darn long, I suspect.)

This is probably at least a year off yet, if not more, but when it comes to hair I think in the long term anyhow. I mean I've been something like five years working on my current length.

Anyhow... this is the question. When I'm ready to give it the axe and go short, do I dye the whole ridiculous length of it, and then cut it? Or do I get it cut short and then dye? Also, what color? I'm half inclined towards purple, but I'm also considering FlameSong orange. (See icon.) Any thoughts?
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