August 26th, 2007



I've neverquite been in one of these (and yes males do this too, but it's more typical of females) but I suspect a few of the guys reading this may be able to recognize somebody they know here.

Borderline Personality Disorder girlfriend.

That site in general has a lot of interesting stuff on it. If anybody reading fings that first bit quite familiar, you may want to look into the rest of it.
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What the FLIP?

I just won something on ebay.

Something I NEVER bid on. Something I have never even looked at, because it's something I have no interest in, indeed no earthy use for.

This both alarms and irritates me. I've gone and changed all my important passwords, in case this is somebody actually logging into my account. I have no idea why somebody would do such a thing, or think they could get away with it though. It's not as though I'm going to cheerfully send along payment for an item I never bid on! And how would this whoever get it shipped to them? I've contacted the seller with a quick note about this. Given the very slightly dodgy nature of what's beind sold (international unlock for iphone) I have to eye the seller with at least a little suspicion.

I am really ticked by this though. Grrr.
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