November 20th, 2007


The new snake is named!

I'm calling him "Badger." This name was suggested by Mahmoth, and I like it because it's triply appropriate. First, of course, it references the Badger, Badger, Badger song. Second, the markings on a cornsnake's head are actually remarkably similar to the markings on a badger in shape, if not in color. And third, the little guy is an enthusiastic burrower.


6 degrees

I can never play 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon, because I just don't know enough about actors to get anywhere with it. But while boredly surfing wikipedia a long time ago, I came up with a similar game. 6 Steps to Scientology. (I ended up with Scientology, because at the time I was spending a lot of time reading about them, in a sort of horrified fascination. It's one of those train wreck things.) Anyhow, what you do is you start with a random wikipedia article, and you see if you can go, by direct links, from that article to Scientology. The fewer steps the better, but you only win if you can get there in six or less. (I lose a lot, but that's the challenge. It can't be too easy!) You can, of course, substitue anything else for Scientology, though I wouldn't reccommend substituting anything too obscure. And you get all kind of amusement and education by reading the articles along the way.