November 28th, 2007


I have a new snake enthusiasm

So... uh... the total number of snakes I want to own just went up again.

JJ made the mistake of linking me to this rather stunning snake, and man... I must have one! Google turned up a care sheet as the first result when I went looking for it, so they do exist in captivity, and have been successfully kept, but unfortunately they have almost never been successfully bred, meaning that getting my hands on a captive bred specimen is going to be a pain. And I really don't want to deal with wild caught, the odds are the I'd shell out for it and then it would die through no fault of my own, from the stress of captivity or a pre-existing parasite problem or any number of other things. So the search is on! It'll probably be a while before I can afford one though, even if I do find one. Right now my finances are only so-so. The Halloween season this year was much smaller for me than it's been in previous years, as far as my tails and such go. Large projects are the same amount every year, because I can only fit the same number into the month. Anyhow... Christmas is looking to be pretty slow too, and Jan-Feb usually sucks, so I'm not going to count my chickens too eary here. But I can still hope! Man... so pretty... And given the size I can keep it in a 20 gal, so I could make room for it right now, even if I found an adult one.

There it goes again.

So much for furaffinity having fixed the server issues. Bye-bye again!

WHY must it be the community where I have 82 watchers, rather than the ones where I have 7 and 59 (FAP and DA respectively) that is horribly unstable?
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Gallery call!

Having additional galleries is something I'm thinking about. FA has really been invaluable for reaching new customers, however much it may be falling down lately. And the more places I am, the more people I can reach, potentially.

I don't intend to have a gallery at every single furry gallery site there is, but I don't want to miss out if there are any good venues for my art that I'm unaware of.

Thus I ask you, oh readers, what furry galleries are there? If the gallery doesn't have any kind of social network ability attached, and is simply a plact to store art, such as photobucket, it's of no use to me, but any place where I can generate an audience is good. Particularly I'm interested in ones without a lengthy application process or strict content restrictions. Strict restrictions on mature content are fine, I never creatue mature art anyhow. Non-furry galleries that allow furry art (like DA and Elfwood) are fine also.

Ones I'm on already:
Furry Art Pile

One I know of and am avoiding:

Ones I don't know of:
I don't know, tell me!